Can a tongue piercing make your teeth hurt?

When you first get your tongue pierced, you may develop a habit of bumping your jewelry against your teeth when talking or eating or even biting it. This common habit can injure your gums and lead to cracked, scratched, or sensitive teeth.

Why do my teeth hurt after getting my tongue pierced?

A tongue piercing can cause damage to teeth. Piercings are usually hard metal, which inside the mouth can cause damage. Biting down onto the piercing or playing with it can result in scratching or chipping teeth, as well as increased tooth sensitivity.

How do I stop my tongue piercing from hurting my teeth?

You may need to visit the dentist three or four times a year to make sure you don’t develop permanent damage. Be sure to keep the piercing site clean from food or other debris. Maintain healthy oral hygiene habits by brushing and flossing daily. Avoid playing with your piercing against your teeth or gums.

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Do tongue web piercings damage your teeth?

There are some risks with the frenulum piercing as it can irritate your gums over time and cause gum recession. If you notice your gums are changing it’s important to remove the piercing and if you feel it rubbing on your teeth too much it can also damage the enamel.

Is it normal for gums to be sore after tongue piercing?

Rarely, the piercing may also cause immediate and severe facial pain. It’s the long-term effects of an oral piercing, however, which give the most reason for concern. As teeth regularly come into contact with the metal parts of the ornament, increased tooth sensitivity and pain may become a problem.

Do tongue piercings affect oral?

Infection or pain: Bacteria thrives in a warm, moist environment, which means your mouth is the perfect breeding ground. Any piercing carries the risk of infection, but especially lip, tongue, and other oral piercings. Get treated immediately, because swelling can quickly cut off airways.

What does a tongue ring do to your teeth?

Cracking, Chipping, and Tooth Decay

When you first get your tongue pierced, you may develop a habit of bumping your jewelry against your teeth when talking or eating or even biting it. This common habit can injure your gums and lead to cracked, scratched, or sensitive teeth. It can also damage fillings.

Do you have to take tongue ring out at dentist?

Because the dental assistant will position your tongue out of the way as the dentist works, your ring may not be a problem. If your ring is very large or located in an inconvenient location, or your mouth is very small, your dentist may recommend that you remove your ring before your visit.

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Will a tongue piercing close overnight?

If the tongue piercing is removed for even one night, it will partially close up as it is a muscle, which is very unlike ear piercings. It should close up, but just like trachs, some close and some don’t. If it doesn’t close after about a year it should be evaluated for a surgical closure if it is causing problems.

Are plastic or metal tongue rings better?

In addition to stressing careful hygiene, it’s important to recommend that patients choose plastic studs and piercings instead of metal. New research featured in the Journal of AdolescentHealth has found that stainless steel jewellery accumulates more bacteria than that made of plastics.

Can you get paralyzed by piercing your tongue?

Nerve Injury

The tongue is supplied by the hypoglossal nerve and the lingual branch of the trigeminal nerve. These nerves can be damaged during piercing and permanent paralysis of the tongue can occur.

How long do tongue web piercings take to heal?

The tongue web piercing has a short healing time since it takes from 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely. This is an easy piercing but you’ll still need to follow a good aftercare routine that includes a non-alcohol mouthwash to keep it clean. Saltwater rinses are also a great option during the healing process.

What is the piercing under your tongue called?

A tongue frenulum piercing or the tongue web piercing is a body piercing through the frenulum underneath the tongue (frenulum linguae).

When can I give oral after tongue piercing?

You’ll also have to be careful to prevent bacteria getting into the mouth which means no smoking, kissing, putting your hands in your mouth OR engage in oral sex. You should avoid this for as long as possible, with many websites advising against oral sex for at least 4-6 weeks.

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What not to do after getting your tongue pierced?

On the flip side, don’t:

  1. use tongue scrapers.
  2. play with your jewelry.
  3. engage in french kissing or oral sex until the piercing has completely healed.
  4. play contact sports with your jewelry in your tongue.
  5. smoke or drink alcohol during the healing process.


What does an infected tongue piercing look like?

there are signs of infection, such as a fever, intense pain, new swelling, or swollen glands in the neck. an infected piercing does not improve within a few days of treatment. the piercing begins consistently bleeding. there is green or yellow pus or a bad smell coming from the piercing.

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