Frequent question: What does CPD mean in dental nursing?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) supports dentists and dental care professionals in maintaining and updating their skills, knowledge and behaviour throughout their working life.

Why is CPD important for dental nurses?

CPD for dental professionals. CPD is about keeping your knowledge and skills as a dental professional up to date. CPD contributes to improved patient care and ensures we have the tools we need to meet and maintain high professional standards.

How many CPD do dental nurses need?

Dental nurses have to complete a minimum of 50 hours of verifiable CPD per five-year cycle (Table 1) with the requirement of a minimum of 10 hours in any two-year period.

What CPD does a dental nurse have to do?

Over a five year cycle, dental nurses are required to achieve 50 hours of CPD, to include a minimum of 50 hours verifiable CPD. The highly recommended core topics to be achieved within this cycle should include, as a minimum: Medical Emergencies – 10 hours per 5 year cycle (2 hours per year of the cycle)

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How much CPD does a dental nurse get a year?

You must also ensure that you complete at least 10 hours of verifiable CPD during any two-year period. Under the Enhanced CPD Scheme 2018 dental nurses and dental technicians need to complete a minimum of 50 hours of verifiable CPD every five years.

How long is a CPD cycle?

Your CPD cycle is always five years long, and this is the period in which you must complete at least the minimum number of CPD hours, including verifiable CPD. your CPD record.

When you register as a qualified dental nurse how many hours of CPD are you required to undertake?

There are a minimum number of hours that you must do within a five-year cycle. A cycle begins on 1 August after you register and currently expects you to undertake a total of 150 hours: 50 verifiable hours and 100 non-verifiable hours (dentists must do 250 hours).

How do I record my CPD hours?

When recording CPD you should include the following information:

  1. Learning objective.
  2. Date.
  3. Subject area.
  4. Method of learning.
  5. Number of hours.
  6. Points, if awarded.
  7. Learning outcome.

How do I get non verifiable CPD?

Free Non-Verifiable CPD

Logging your CPD is easy. Simply record the date, the activity and the number of hours. One hour of reading is equivalent to one non-verifiable CPD. It’s a good idea to stay up-to-date with GDC publications and reading the information on their site can be logged as non-verifiable CPD.

We recommend at least five hours in each CPD cycle.

We also recommend that you keep your skills up to date by doing CPD in the following areas:

  • Legal and ethical issues.
  • Complaints handling.
  • Oral cancer: early detection.
  • Safeguarding children and young people.
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults.
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What is classed as verifiable CPD?

Verifiable CPD is activity that meets our definition of CPD and for which there is documentary evidence that you have undertaken the CPD and that the CPD has: concise educational aims and objectives; ■ clear anticipated outcomes; and ■ quality controls. This is set out in law. have done.

What is non-verifiable CPD for dental nurses?

General or non-verifiable CPD does not meet the requirements of verifiable CPD but still advances education and development in another learning format.

To become a registrant, the dental nurse must first qualify by passing a recognised examination in dental nursing; currently these are the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses’ (NEBDN) Diploma or the City & Guilds Diploma in Dental Nursing.

What CPD do dentists need?

Under the Enhanced Continual Professional Development (ECPD) scheme, dentists will need to complete a minimum of 100 hours verifiable CPD over their five year cycle as well as ensuring they declare at least 10 hours during any 2 year period.

How many non-verifiable CPD are there?

You can find out about each route – and which you should follow – in our CPD routes section. Most members will follow the CPD unit route and need to complete 40 units of CPD annually made up of: 21 units of verifiable CPD. 19 units of non-verifiable CPD.

What makes CPD verifiable GDC?

For any CPD to be verifiable, the activity must be recorded on your activity log, and you must have collected corresponding evidence (e.g. certificates). If the GDC requests to see your CPD record, please do not include any information about the non-verifiable CPD you have completed in your cycle.

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