How long does it take to become a dentist NZ?

To become a dentist you need to: complete the Health Sciences First Year programme at Otago University. complete a four-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree at Otago University.

How long does it take to become a dentist’s?

Following on from an undergraduate degree that is at least 3 years, this pathway takes at least 7 years. If you are considering a graduate entry dentistry program please ensure that your undergraduate subjects meet the pre-requisite requirements of the university or universities you are looking at applying to.

How much does it cost to become a dentist in NZ?

Tuition Fees

Annual Total qualification
Student fees (what you pay) $16,175 $80,877
Government tuition subsidy (what the government pays) $53,917 $269,583
Total $70,092 $350,460

How do I become a dentist in New Zealand?

To practice dentistry in New Zealand, you must be registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand and have an Annual Practising Certificate (APC). You can apply for registration as a dentist if you have a prescribed qualification as defined by the Dental Council.

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Can I become a dentist in 6 years?

Some aspiring dentists will complete four years in an undergraduate program, followed by another four years in a dental program. Dentistry programs that combine the undergraduate degree with dentistry training will typically allow students to complete the program in about six years.

Is becoming a dentist HARD?

Dentistry is very physically demanding, although many people would probably not think so. Doing precise and tedious work in a tiny area with your hands and having your eyes focused on a small area through loupes for long periods of time are reasons why dentistry is demanding physically.

What is the average salary of a dentist?

For the purposes of this study, dentists refer to the detailed occupation recognized by the BLS as “dentists, general.” The national average annual wage of a dentist is $175,840, over three times the average annual salary for all occupations, $51,960.

What is the highest paid job in NZ?

The 11 Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand [2021 Edition]

  • CEO/Managing Director. $120k. …
  • Surgeon – Private sector. $151k. …
  • Judge. $334k. …
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) $180k. …
  • Strategy Manager – Corporate Finance, M&A. $200k. …
  • Country Sales Manager. $190k. …
  • Corporate and Insitutional Director – Financial Services. $180k. …
  • IT General Manager.


Can you become a dentist without going to university?

Gateway to Dentistry/Pre-Dental Year

One way to get into Dental School without A Levels is through a “Gateway to Dentistry” or “Pre-Dental” Year. In effect, this turns your Dental course into a 6 year degree, rather than the usual 5 years.

What subject do you need to become a dentist?

Let’s take a look at the entry requirements.

  • Mathematics – level 5.
  • Physical Science – level 5.
  • English (Home Language or First Additional Language – level 5.
  • Life Sciences – level 5.
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Which country is best for dentistry?

The top countries to consider working as a dentist include:

  1. Spain. The average annual salary for dentists is $176,000.
  2. United States. The average annual salary for dentists is $146,340. …
  3. Switzerland. The average annual salary for dentists is $96,800. …
  4. Norway. …
  5. Canada. …
  6. New Zealand. …
  7. Australia. …
  8. Japan. …


What is the cost of living in New Zealand?

Summary: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,331$ (4,781NZ$) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 925$ (1,328NZ$) without rent. Cost of living in New Zealand is, on average, 7.36% higher than in United States.

Are dentists in demand in New Zealand?

The job market for dentists in New Zealand is getting more competitive. … But, there are opportunities in provincial areas where there is a particular need for dentists. Looking out further, New Zealand’s ageing population is likely to increase future demand for dentists.

Why are dentists suicidal?

Factors found to be influencing dentists’ suicide ranged from known occupational stressors, to toxins and substance abuse, and untreated mental health problems.

Is dentistry harder than Doctor?

Both dental and medical schools have the same curriculum for the first 2 years. … Medical school can be considered harder since students have to learn everything about human bodies, but it can be equally difficult to study exhaustively only one area, which most of dental school students complain about.

Is dentistry harder than pharmacy?

For most the first 4-5 years of becoming a Pharmacist is a bit more challenging then that for a dentist. The last 2 years of a dentist can be much tougher than that of a pharmacist for most. This is because of the hands on training you have to do before you see patients and refine over two years equals lots of stress.

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