Question: What is dental Code D5214?

D5214 – Mandibular partial denture – cast metal framework with resin denture bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)

What is a maxillary partial cast met?

Maxillary Partial – Cast Metal, Resin – Dental Procedure Code Description. By PatientConnect365. A “partial” is a dental prosthetic that allows for the placement of a series of artificial teeth in an area where healthy teeth used to exist.

What is the code for dentures?

D5110: This code refers to a complete upper denture that is worn in the maxillary (upper) jaw. … D5120: This code refers to a complete lower denture set that is worn in the mandibular (lower) jaw. D5130: Immediate denture (maxillary), includes limited follow-up care.

What is unspecified removable prosthodontic procedure?

The Removable Prosthodontics category of service describes procedures which replace missing dentition in partially or completely edentulous patients. … Complete Denture: A removable prosthesis that replaces an entire arch of dentition and associated structures.

What is mandibular denture?

When it is made for the bottom jaw, it is called a lower or mandibular immediate denture. … Immediate complete denture can be a part of denture treatment where final prosthesis for the replacement of the teeth is a removable complete denture. Immediate complete denture can also be a part of the implant treatment.

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What is dental Code D6010?

According to CDT, procedure code D6010 includes the surgical placement of the implant body, the second stage surgery, and the placement of the healing cap. … In other words—D6010 is not completed until the implant is stable and ready to be loaded.

What type of partial denture is the best?

Cast Metal Partial Dentures

  • Cast metal partial dentures are the most-used option when it comes to partials because they’re strong and they’re built to last many years. …
  • While less sturdy than cast metal partial dentures, flexible partial dentures are valued for their comfort and flexibility.


What is dental Code D6059?

D6059 Abutment supported porcelain fused to metal crown (high noble metal) – A single metal- ceramic crown restoration that is retained, supported and stabilized by an abutment on an implant; may be screw retained or cemented.

What is dental Code D7230?

D7230 removal of impacted tooth – partially bony

Part of crown covered by bone; requires mucoperiosteal flap elevation and bone removal.

What is dental Code D0274?

Extra-oral posterior dental. radiographic image. Y. D0274.

Who is a good candidate for immediate dentures?

The best candidates for immediate dentures include patients who: Have severe tooth decay or a widespread dental infection. Are missing the majority of their teeth. Are looking for an immediate solution to tooth loss.

What is the mandibular process?

The mandibular process is an embryological structure which gives rise to the lower jaw elements (e.g., mandible bone) of the developing face.

Who is not a good candidate for dentures?

If you have not lost all your teeth yet, it is very important to keep the remaining teeth and gums healthy. Periodontal disease can result in acceleration of bone loss and when you lose the teeth the remaining bone may be inadequate. This can make your experience with dentures not ideal.

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