Quick Answer: What is Arr dental?

The ARR is the cornerstone in the process of identifying the pensionable pay of the dentists at the Practice. It is this pensionable pay that will eventually determine the amount of the NHS Pension for each dentist.

What is Arr in dentistry?

Annual reconciliation report process (ARR)

How do you accept ARR on a compass?

Follow these important steps to complete and submit your ARR.

  1. Log in to your Compass account and click on the Pensions menu item, then select the ARR Contract Selection option.
  2. To confirm the NPE/NPEE figure for each of your Performers click “Accept” …
  3. You will then be presented with a declaration.


What is Arr pension?

Assumed Rate of Return (ARR) is the assumption about how much contributions into the pension fund will earn as investments. The ARR is a rate chosen by pension policymakers based on what investment advisors think the pension fund’s portfolio can earn in the near term and long term.

What is NPE and NPEE?

Net Pensionable Earnings / Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPE / NPEE) are a performer’s earnings for each financial year, taken from a contract’s Total Contract Value (TCV). Additional payments such as trainer’s grants, maternity payments and sickness payments are not included.

What is NPE dental?

For those of you performing NHS dental services, 30 June is an important date in the diary. This is the deadline for submitting your net pensionable earnings (NPE) on Compass. Each year, as an NHS dental performer you are required to declare your NPE or NPE equivalent on Compass.

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What is annual reconciliation report?

Annual Reconciliation Report means a written report or reports in a form to be agreed by the Seller and the Purchaser from time to time showing a reconciliation of the amount of the Estimated Bexsero Ex-US Royalty Payment to the amount of the Bexsero Ex-US Royalty Payment due in respect of such Calendar Year; Sample 2.

How do NHS dentists get paid?

In England dentists are now paid in “Units of Dental Activity”. Typical values for units are £20-35, and they are paid 1 unit for a band 1 course of treatment, 3 for a band 2 course of treatment, and 12 for a band 3 course of treatment. Patient charges are deducted from these values.

What is Uaal?

The UAAL is the difference between the retirement system’s assets and the pensions accrued (for past service) to current and future retirees. … The UAAL is the difference between the retirement system’s assets and the health benefits accrued (for past service) to current and future retirees.

Do dentists get maternity pay?

The maternity payment is made directly to the contractor but the contractor cannot keep the maternity pay received on behalf of another dentist. All of the maternity-leave pay must be paid to the dentist taking the maternity leave.

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