What are broaches used for in dentistry?

A Barbed broach is an instrument used to remove pulp tissue during endodontic (root canal) treatment. It is manufactured from round wires, and the smooth surface is notched to form barbs. There are smooth broaches too available, which act as pathfinders into the root canal. This dentistry article is a stub.

What are K files used for?

K files are the universal standard for canal negotiation, shaping, and recapitulation of root canal systems. They are generally used with a quarter turn “watch-winding” motion and vertical pull.

What is endodontic Explorer used for?

The endodontic explorer is used to locate orifices, and as a tool to remove calcification. Using the endodontic explorer. Pulp stone occuping much of the pulp chamber. The barbed broach is an extirpating, NOT an enlarging, instrument.

What is a nerve broach?

Endodontic Barbed broaches are instruments or endodontic hand files used to remove pulp tissue during endodontic (root canal) treatment. They are manufactured from round wires, and the smooth surface is notched to form barbs.

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What are paper points used for in dentistry?

Absorbent Paper For Dental Points

Absorbent Paper Points are used in oral surgery, especially root canals, to provide guidance in measuring the root canal depth and absorbancy post surgery in drying the canal. Pre-measured points foster efficiency for the dentist and comfort for the patient.

What is the name of the file used to remove the nerve?

Removal Instruments: Nerve broaches are used for nerve removal, and do not actually serve to widen root canals.

What are K-files made of?

K-type files

The cutting edge of K type files is made up of twisted squares of stainless steel alloy. The K-flex file differs for the fact it has a rhomboid shaped cross-section and has an increased flexibility compared to traditional K-files.

Which material is used to fill prepared root canals?

Filling the root canal. The standard filling material is gutta-percha, a natural polymer prepared from latex from the percha tree (Palaquium gutta). The standard endodontic technique involves inserting a gutta-percha cone (a “point”) into the cleaned-out root canal along with a sealing cement.

What is crown down technique?

The Crown-Down technique involves the widening of the canal orifices with Gates-Glidden drills followed by the incremental removal of organic canal contents proceeding from the canal orifice to the apical portion using manual files. Files are used from larger to smaller with no apical pressure.

What is K type file?

K Type Files are an endodontic tool designed to offer superior cutting efficiency and precision handling during instrumentation. They feature a twisted design and are manufactured from a square blank to clean and shape the root canals.

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What is the difference between K-files and H files?

In general, K-files created zips which were wider and thus more pronounced than those produced by Hedstrom files. H (Hedström) files. Sharp edged, H-Files are used for probing, permeabilization or extraction of debris. Made of stainless steel or NiTi, these files can only be used in traction because of their profile.

What is a reaming motion?

Reaming action permits efficient cleaning of the canal walls, and is repeated until the file no longer encounters resistance within the canal. To help the file reach the working length, watch-winding may be used.

What is the purpose of a post and core build up?

Placing a post and core buildup creates a durable foundation for full-coverage crown restorations when patients present with endodontically treated teeth that may exhibit insufficient tooth structure for the placement of an adequate ferrule to ensure predictable stability and longevity.

What is Metapex?

A temporary root canal filling material with excellent radiopacity, Metapex is an antibacterial, premixed paste composed of calcium hydroxide with iodoform. Priced at less than half the cost of leading brands, Metapex is ideal for many applications: Exposed pulp in capping and pulpotomy.

What are Intracanal medicaments?

Intracanal medication comprises application of a chemical substance into the root canal in order to exert some desired therapeutic effect. … Other substances, such as chlorhexidine and antibiotics, have also been used as intracanal medicaments.

What is the paper point?

The paper point technique (PPT) uses conventional absorbent paper points to determine WL, assuming the canal is dried after its contents are removed, and the environment outside the root canal is hydrated.

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