What can I eat after getting a dental bridge?

After your new, finalized crown or bridge is cemented, wait one hour to eat. Avoid hard or sticky foods for a few hours. Resume normal brushing/flossing habits, and follow any special hygiene instructions given by your dentist.

Can you eat normally with a dental bridge?

Dental bridges function like the natural teeth, so no food or beverage is completely off-limits after dental bridge treatment.

What can’t you eat with a bridge?

Damage to Your Bridge

Dentists advise patients fitted with dental bridges to avoid chewing extensively on foods such as raw vegetables, hard candies, and ice. These foods can damage the bridge, which may require repair or replacement.

How long does it take for a dental bridge to settle?

Adjusting to your dental bridge

Most patients take about two weeks to adjust fully. During this time, avoid very hot or very cold foods. Also, using toothpaste for sensitive teeth for the first few days will help with pain and discomfort.

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What can I expect after dental bridge?

Soreness and Discomfort

This is normal, and it fill fade day by day as a patient recovers. The soreness is not enough to keep a patient from returning to work the day after the bridge has been placed, though patients should make sure they do not place excessive stress or discomfort on their teeth as they recover.

What are the problems with dental bridges?

Tooth decay

With dental bridges, you need to make sure you maintain good oral hygiene. It is common for patients with bridges to develop tooth decay on the tooth in which the crown for the bridge is placed. When this happens, the tooth is no longer stable enough to serve as the foundation for the bridge.

What are the disadvantages of dental bridges?

Cons of Dental Bridges

  • Traditional bridges require putting crowns over perfectly healthy teeth. …
  • Maryland bridges can cause damage to the existing teeth and are not sturdy. …
  • Implant supported bridges take longer and cost more. …
  • Bridges don’t correct bone loss in the jaw. …
  • Bridges don’t last as long as implants.


Do dental bridges smell?

This can happen years down the line, since the cement can begin to wear away in older bridges. When this occurs, bacteria and food can get underneath the crown, which can then lead to odor. Even worse, this can also make the tooth beneath the crown more prone to decay.

Does food get stuck under dental bridge?

Dental Bridges

Since there’s a space underneath the prosthetic tooth, it’s easy for food to get trapped under or around a bridge. It’s important to get regular checkups to make sure your dental bridge is fitting well. To dislodge food debris, it’s helpful to carry interdental brushes and/or floss threaders with you.

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How much does a 3 tooth dental bridge cost?

For a traditional/cantilever bridge, the average cost ranges from $750 to $1500 per unit. A three unit bridge will cost $2250 to $4500.

Cost of 3 Unit Dental Bridge
Maryland/Resin-Bonded $1000 to $2300
Implant Supported $4000 to $16000

How long does your mouth hurt after getting a bridge?

Some patients would often experience mild to severe pain once they get their dental bridges. This is usually a normal occurrence after the procedure. Oftentimes, the pain will subside after a few days. In case the pain prolongs for a longer period of time, it is best that you see your dentist.

Can a tooth get infected under a bridge?

Can Dental Bridges Become Infected? The good news: dental bridges cannot become infected. The bad news: the natural teeth underneath the crowns of a dental bridge are still vulnerable to tooth decay and other oral health issues.

Can you sleep with dental bridge?

Every night, the dental bridge should be removed and kept out of the mouth during sleep. This allows the mouth muscles, gums and surrounding teeth to have a break. Appliances like these can also harbor bacteria and make it harder for the mouth to clean itself.

Does a bridge hurt your teeth?

The bridge procedure is not painful because a local anesthetic is used while paring your teeth and when tyour dentist takes an impression. It is often unnecessary to take an analgesic for pain relief after the treatment.

Does a dental bridge look natural?

Dental bridges can be made to look very natural, so nobody will be able to tell just by looking at you that you are missing some of your natural teeth. If you care for your dental bridge properly, it can last fifteen years or more, allowing you to speak and eat comfortably.

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Do dental bridges feel normal?

The dental bridge should feel nearly as real and comfortable to you as your natural teeth did. Many of our patients report that their bridges feel even better than the natural teeth did prior to bridge placement, especially if these teeth had large fillings or restorations in them.

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