Why do rabbits teeth overgrown?

A poor diet (lack of fibre) is the most common cause of dental disease in rabbits. … If your rabbit’s teeth don’t get enough wear, they will start to overgrow into their mouth and the roots get pushed back into the jaw and skull. Check out our rabbit feeding guide.

What happens when a rabbit’s teeth get too long?

If your rabbits’ incisors – the front teeth – do become overgrown, they won’t meet the bottom teeth properly, causing a condition called malocclusion. The back teeth, or molars, can become misshapen, sharp and pointed, and then rub against and cut the tongue.

Do rabbits need their teeth trimmed?

Do rabbits need their teeth trimmed? A rabbit with healthy teeth does not need to have them trimmed. Usually they will be able to maintain healthy teeth on their own with ample hay and chew toys. However, sometimes rabbit teeth do overgrow and will need to be trimmed by a trained professional.

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Can I trim my rabbits teeth myself?

Can You File a Rabbit’s Teeth? Rabbit’s teeth can be cut down to size manually. Your pet should wear her teeth down through chewing.

How do you keep rabbits teeth down?

Eating a high-fibre diet and having plenty to chew on is the main mechanism of keeping rabbit teeth healthy. Approximately 85% of a rabbit’s diet should be grass/good quality hay, 10% leafy green vegetables and only 5% pellets or nuggets. Teeth should also be checked regularly.

Can rabbits die from overgrown teeth?

Their incisors (front teeth) are typically the most noticeable, but rabbits also have molars that are susceptible to overgrowing. … Without the proper attention, overgrown teeth can cause serious trauma, anorexia (lack of appetite), and even death from the inability to chew and swallow.

What are the symptoms of overgrown teeth in rabbits?

Rabbit dental disease

  • Overgrown, deformed or broken incisors (front teeth)
  • Food staining or drool around the mouth or on the tops of the front paws.
  • Firm swellings around the face anywhere from the cheeks, under the chin, along the jaw, around the eyes and even below the ears.
  • Sticky eyes or a rash around the eyes.


Are Bunny teeth attractive?

Absolutely! I love a girl with different teeth. For some reason I find a girl with an overbite or buck teeth even cuter than the average girl’s smile. Your teeth help to manipulate your lips into being more Fuller or more attractive so smile!

How much does it cost to have a rabbits teeth trimmed?

How Much Do Shaving and Trimming Cost? Getting your rabbit’s teeth trimmed or shaved by a professional such as a veterinarian will usually cost around $250. Your vet should not need to take expensive x-rays because they can see the teeth easily with a simple otoscope.

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How often should I get my rabbits teeth trimmed?

Some rabbits require trimming once a month. But as this procedure can be distressing for rabbits, your vet might instead recommend that the maloccluded teeth are simply removed outright. Extraction is also the recommended course of action for abscesses and other serious dental conditions.

Do rabbit bites hurt?

Rabbits can bite people for many reasons, including stress, fear, or mistaking you for food. Though bites from rabbits can be rather painful, they don’t usually cause any health and medical complications. Bites from pet rabbits hurt and often bleed.

Can rabbits eat without front teeth?

Rabbits without their incisors use their lips and tongue to pick up food and move it to the back of their mouth, where it’s ground by the molars. To help prevent additional dental problems, veterinarians recommend a diet high in fiber (grass hay).

Why do rabbits teeth never stop growing?

All of a rabbit’s teeth have open roots, enabling them to constantly grow throughout the rabbit’s life. These teeth can grow 3 to 5 inches annually. Rabbits and rodents are the only animals with open-root tooth structure.

What causes dental disease in rabbits?

Dental disease is a very common problem in pet rabbits and is most commonly caused by a poor diet/lack of fibre. Dental disease often goes unnoticed for a long time because rabbits instinctively hide pain and discomfort.

What does myxomatosis do to rabbits?

Myxomatosis is a severe disease (caused by a virus) that affects rabbits. It damages multiple areas of the body such as the skin, eyes, lungs, liver, genitals, and puts infected rabbits at a high risk of catching other nasty infections.

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What do rabbits chew on for their teeth?

What Can Rabbits Chew on for their Teeth? Rabbits can chew multiple things for their teeth. Normally pet rabbits use Fresh pine lumber, Basket with hay, Blackberry, Raspberry, Maple and pear to chew for their teeth.

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