You asked: How many shades does professional teeth whitening?

After the 30-60 minutes treatment, your teeth whitening may vary: from 10 to 15 shades whiter, to 2 to 5 shades lighter.

How many shades will my teeth whiten?

Most teeth whitening procedures can make your teeth anywhere from two to seven or eight shades lighter. In many cases, a change of just two or three shades can make a big difference to the brightness and appearance of your smile.

How many teeth whitening sessions are needed?

Only one whitening session is needed to whiten your teeth. During the treatment, a hydrogen peroxide gel of 25 percent is used, and there will be three 15-minute sessions. Your lips, gums and eyes are protected and covered from the UV light, which activates the hydrogen peroxide.

How many shades does ZOOM whitening?

The Zoom! In-Office Whitening System uses proprietary technology to whiten your teeth an average of eight shades* in a little over an hour while you relax at your dentist’s office.

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What shade should I whiten my teeth to?

Instead of trying to make your teeth perfectly white, most cosmetic dentists recommend selecting a lighter shade of your natural color. Even brightening your smile by 2-3 shades can make a significant difference, while still maintaining a natural appearance.

Can yellow teeth become white?

Yes, most stains can easily be lifted from the teeth with professional whitening treatments. The strength of our treatments help patients transform their smile to a dazzling white! It is important to note that internal stains are more difficult to remove.

Is b1 shade too white?

One of the whitest shade is known as b1. If you’re looking for a more natural shade of white we suggest you compare a1 to b1 tooth color. A1 resembles a darker shade of white than b1. B1 used to be the whitest shade you could whiten your teeth but now there are new spectrums of white you can see celebrities wearing.

Which is better Laser or Zoom teeth whitening?

Laser whitening is better at targeting specific teeth compared to Zoom! whitening. Some patients might prefer laser whitening since they cannot tolerate the three 15-minute Zoom!

What is the strongest Zoom teeth whitening?

Metro Smiles offers Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, the best and most effective professional teeth whitening system. This in-office treatment delivers whiter teeth in about an hour.

How often can you zoom whiten your teeth?

Q: How often can Zoom whitening be done? A: It’s not recommended that you do Zoom whitening treatments more than once a year. Depending on your health and teeth, however, you may be able to have touch-up Zoom treatments every six months.

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How long do teeth hurt after Zoom whitening?

Therefore, you’ll likely feel this sensitivity when exposing your teeth to extremely hot or cold temperatures. While this sensation should only last for a few days, you may want to use a toothpaste or mouthwash specifically designed for sensitive teeth.

Is Zoom Whitening expensive?

Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost

An out-of-pocket cost for Zoom teeth whitening is around $500, depending on your location and dentist’s office. However, this does not mean that Zoom is unaffordable! One of the best ways to pay for teeth whitening is to contact your dentist’s office and see if they have financing available.

Why are my teeth yellow after whitening?

When our tooth enamel grows thin, it slowly exposes the dentin, giving it a yellowish color. It’s not uncommon to notice your teeth growing yellow as you grow older. If you find some of your teeth growing white while other parts are turning yellow after whitening, it might be a sign that you’ve got thin tooth enamel.

How can I get white teeth in one day?

Strawberry mash

This is a particularly tasty tooth whitening method that couldn’t be more simple. Get strawberries and mash them up, then place the mash on the surface of the teeth. Let it stay for about 5 minutes, rinse and brush the teeth with regular toothpaste.

What color should teeth naturally be?

Natural Enamel Thickness & Translucency

Enamel is on the surface of every tooth and it has a natural hue of white. However, the underlying dentin layer has a slightly yellowish color. This yellowish hue shows through the enamel in almost everyone, but more so for those with naturally thinner or more translucent enamel.

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How can I make my teeth whiter naturally?

Here are 6 simple ways you can naturally whiten your teeth.

  1. Practice oil pulling. …
  2. Brush with baking soda. …
  3. Use hydrogen peroxide. …
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables. …
  5. Prevent tooth stains before they happen. …
  6. Don’t underestimate the value of brushing and flossing.
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