How do I change my fee schedule open dental?

How do I change my open dental fee?

Update Fees for One Treatment Plan

Select the patient. In the Treatment Plan Module, select the treatment plan. Click Update Fees in the toolbar. A confirmation message will show.

How do I view my open dental fee schedule?

Open Dental Software – Check Ins Plan Fees. In Fee Schedules, at the bottom, click Go. The Check Ins Plan Fees tool allows you to check that insurance plans have the correct fee schedules or reassign fee schedules for multiple insurance plans at once.

How do I update my open dental?

In the Main Menu, click Help, Update. To update Open Dental versions, your location must be on support and have a unique registration key. Recommendations: Update to the latest stable version to take advantage of the latest features.

How do I delete a fee schedule in dentrix?

Deleting fee schedules

  1. On the Settings menu, under Production, click (or tap) Fee Schedules. …
  2. Select a fee schedule. …
  3. If the fee schedule has multiple versions, and you want to delete a specific version of the fee schedule, select that version from the Fee schedule version list. …
  4. Click (or tap) Delete. …
  5. Do one of the following:
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How much does open dental software cost?

Open Dental Pricing

Free trial includes conversion from your previous software. $169 per location per month for the first 12 months. After that, the price drops to $119 per location per month. If you have more than 3 dentists in any one location, there is an extra charge of $20 per dentist per month.

How do I print a schedule in open dental?

Open Dental Software – Print Appointments. The appointment schedule can be printed as needed, as well as routing slips for the day. In the Appointments Module, in the Toolbar, click Print.

How do I open a dental treatment plan?

Open Dental Software – Treatment Plan in Chart. In the Chart Module, at the middle right, check the Treatment Plans box. This will display Treatment Plans and Procedures grid instead of Progress Notes. This view also allows you to create new treatment plans from the Chart.

How do I create a discount plan in open dental?

In the Family Module toolbar, click Discount Plan. When adding a discount plan, the Discount Plans list will display. Double-click a plan from the list or, highlight a plan and click OK to add the plan to the patient. If a plan is not listed, click Add to create a new plan.

How do I add insurance to my open dental?

In the Family module, double click the insurance plan to open the Edit Insurance Plan window. Select the Create new Plan if needed radio button. Change the insurance plan and benefits as needed. Click OK to save.

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What is the newest version of Open Dental?

Version 20.2 was released on 07/20/2020.

How do I change a fee schedule on dentrix?

Updating fee schedules

  1. On the Settings menu, under Production, click (or tap) Fee Schedules. …
  2. Select a fee schedule. …
  3. If the fee schedule has multiple versions, select the version that you want to update from the Fee schedule version list. …
  4. Do any of the following as needed: …
  5. Click (or tap) Save.


How do I print a fee schedule from dentrix?

2 – Printing the Fee Schedule Report

From the Office Manager, select the Reports > Reference > Fee Schedules. Select the range of procedures codes to include in the report. Select the option to either print the report for a single fee schedule, or to print a range of five fee schedules.

How do I raise a fee in dentrix?

In Dentrix, it’s fastest to use the Auto Fee Schedule Change. Just go to Office Manager > Maintenance > Reference > Fee Schedule Maintenance, and then click Auto Changes. Here you can increase fees by any percentage and choose to round to the next dollar, dime or penny.

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